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          Foreign sales:sales@happysyn.com
          Domestic sales :sales@happysyn.cn
          Custom Synthesis

          Customized synthesis: Chengdu Xiaojia Technology Co., Ltd. can provide customers with customized synthetic services, customized synthetic products related to APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates, including pyrrole, piperazine, quinoline, pyridine, piperidine, heterocyclic and so on. Be able to synthesize and develop demand products according to customer requirements or according to customer needs, and deliver them after meeting customer requirements. 

          Synthesis technology: can do ultra-low temperature and high temperature, high pressure hydrogenation and other reactions, and carry out related experiments according to customer requirements.We can cooperate in pharmaceutical intermediates, API production, organic fine chemicals, flavors and other chemical products and intermediates. We also cooperate in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, coordination chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry and other related fields.

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